Abstracts of the 18th Annual Conference of the Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada: Food-derived NHPs in Health and Disease

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Pierre S. Haddad https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8079-1719
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NHP Research Society of Canada, NHPRS, natural health products, research


For their 18th Annual Conference, the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada is proud to partner with the Institute for Nutrition and Functional Foods of Laval University in Quebec City to present a rich program of presentations on the theme of “Food-derived NHPs in Health and Disease”. Indeed, food provides humans with a plethora of natural compounds that help maintain health and mitigate disease. The conference abstracts cover state-of-the-art processing and quality approaches, novel food-derived ingredients, industry innovations as well as regulatory updates. The functionality of food-derived NHPs is covered through many angles including microbiota, nutrigenomics and pharmacology as well as in many disease states involving immunity, cancer, cognitive decline and mental health. Finally, a panel of experts addresses the role of NHPs in the practice of naturopathy.

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