Kieran Cooley, Canada | Research Expertise: cannabis; clinical trials; interprofessional collaboration and education; naturopathic medicine

Pierre Haddad, Canada | Research Expertise: animal models; bioassays; diabetes; ethics; obesity; qualitative research; traditional indigenous medicine


Associate Editors:

Fabrice Berrue, Canada | Research Expertise: natural products; analytical chemistry and metabolomics; authentication and traceability; food and functional ingredients

Daniel Gallego-Perez, USA | Research Expertise: ethnobotany; health literacy; health services research and policy; herbal medicine; integrative Health Research; public health; traditional medicine

Roy Golsteyn, Canada | Research Expertise: cancer; cell biology and biochemistry; cell-based bioassays; microscopy

Cory Harris, Canada | Research Expertise: anxiety disorders; cannabis and endocannabinoids; cell biology and biochemistry; ethnobotany; metabolic diseases; pharmacology; phytochemistry

Jennifer Hunter, Australia | Research Expertise: health services research and policy; holistic health and wellness; indigenous methodologies; mixed method research; patient outcomes and experiences; systematic and rapid review methods; traditional, complementary and integrative medicine

Brenda Leung, Canada | Research Expertise: holistic health and wellness; mental health and society; mixed-method research; nutraceuticals and functional foods; patient outcomes and experiences; systematic and scoping review research methods; traditional, complementary and integrative medicine

Candace Necyk, Canada | Research Expertise: adverse drug reactions and reporting systems; drug interactions; natural health products; pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences; use of natural health products

Pamela Ovadje, Canada | Research Expertise: molecular biology; NHPs in cancer care; plant extracts and pharmacology; regulation of NHPs

Janet Schloss, Australia | Research Expertise: cannabis; clinical trials; NHPs in cancer and palliative care; natural product regulations (Australia); use of natural health products; women’s health

Paul Shipley, Canada | Research Expertise: chemotaxonomy; chemometrics of NHPs; phytochemistry; metabolomics; Crataegus; Vaccinium; NHP adulteration

Michael Smith, Canada | NHPs regulation; NHPs international regulatory cooperation; NHPs-related health policy

Asmita Wele, India | Research Expertise: neuro-psychopharmacology of natural health products; traditional Indian medicine; Ayurveda; bio-inorganicals in health and disease; research methodology for Ayurveda; functional and therapeutic foods from Ayurveda; nutraceuticals in immunomodulation in cancer; PCOD; asthma

Jerome Yager, Canada | NHPs with a focus on sulforaphane from crucifer vegetables; perinatal brain injury; glioblastoma; cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities

Linda Zhong, Hong Kong | Research Expertise: case reporting in traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbal medicine; clinical trials; systematic and network review research methods; traditional Chinese medicine; traditional, complementary and integrative medicine


Editorial Board Members:

Jon Adams, Australia

John Arnason, Canada

Fredrick Ashbury, Canada

Bob Chapman, Canada

Alistair Dias, Canada

Natalia Ivanova, Canada

Connie Kehler, Canada

Paul Spagnuolo, Canada

Amie Steel, Australia


Journal Manager:

Jeremy Y. Ng, Canada


Editorial Assistants:

May Liu

Keona K. Y. Pang

Halton Quach