A Pilot Crossover Study of Berberine and its Short-Term Effects on Blood Glucose Levels in Healthy Volunteers

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Chuck Chang
Min Du
Kyle Roh
Yun Chai Kuo
Yiming Zhang
Mary Hardy
Roland Gahler
Julia Solnier https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2784-1435


Berberine, LipoMicel, blood glucose, pilot study, human clinical study, micelles, NHP


Introduction: Different berberine preparations were evaluated for their effectiveness on lowering blood glucose in a pilot, open-label, crossover study conducted in healthy adults.

Methods: Fourteen healthy volunteers of both sexes were recruited, and seven completed all treatments in the study. Study participants ingested one of three berberine preparations containing 500mg of berberine, respectively. A one week wash out period was included between treatments.  A control group was included to measure the participants’ baseline response to a 75g glucose solution without any treatment. The following interventions were administered: berberine powder in hard gelatin capsules, berberine in an oil matrix encapsulated in soft-gelatin capsules, and berberine in LipoMicel® matrix encapsulated in soft-gelatin capsules. Blood glucose concentrations in each participant were monitored from pre-dose baseline, before the capsules were ingested, until up to 3 hours after the capsules were ingested.

Results: LipoMicel Berberine treatment led to reduced blood glucose concentrations Area Under Curve (AUC, mean difference: 1.57; 95% CI: 0.021 – 3.12; P = 0.046; Cohen’s d = 1.53) and reduced maximum glucose concentration (Gmax, mean difference: 1.07; 95% CI 0.004 – 2.14; P = 0.049; Cohen’s d = 1.52) compared to the control group when no-treatment was given. No adverse events related to berberine treatments were reported by participants throughout the study period.

Conclusions: LipoMicel Berberine was effective in lowering blood glucose levels by 12% after two 500mg doses. Berberine in other formulations may require a longer dosing regimen before blood glucose lowering effects can be demonstrated.


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