Favouring Responsible Publishing: A Protocol for Creating a Database of Researchers and Surveying their Knowledge, Attitudes and Opinions towards Open Access Publishing and a New Field-Specific Journal

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Jeremy Y. Ng https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0031-5873
Halton Quach
Fredrick D. Ashbury
Kieran Cooley https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7960-6504
Pierre S. Haddad https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8782-5165


journalology, JNHPR, natural health product, NHP, open access, predatory publishing, protocol, publication science


Background: As a new publication, the Journal of Natural Health Product Research (JNHPR) sought to develop a two-step protocol that (1) creates an international database of natural health product (NHP) researchers and (2) surveys their perceptions, needs, and preferences for a legitimate, broad-based, open access scientific journal in their field. This protocol could be useful to other researchers and publishers and can be adapted to establish similarly legitimate journals within their academic discipline.
Methods: The database will initially be created using publicly available information online. A keyword-based, systematized search will identify the majority of NHP researchers, with referrals completing the process. Key research and publication characteristics of each person will be recorded. Subsequently, a survey will be developed and administered to all identified individuals to capture their attitudes and opinions on both open access in general, as well as the JNHPR. Construction of our NHP researcher database began in early-2018 and the development of our survey began in mid-2019. The survey is slated to be administered in early 2020.
Conclusion: This protocol provides a process for constructing an international researcher database and a survey that aims to understand the community of NHP researchers’ interests and needs regarding open access publishing and a new field-specific journal. This process can be modified and replicated for the purpose of establishing other legitimate journals in any scientific research discipline.

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